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    FancyStacker is a challenging game featured with 40 levels.Stack the shapes in each level without having any fall off the screen.

    Take your stacking skills to another level, quite literally, with this second instalment on the Super Stacking franchise. There's various shapes: squares, circles, rectangles, flip,and triangles, all of which require the same treatment.
    You've got to stack them in such a way that they stay stacked for the duration of the timer, or all the faces revert to a smile. There are four stages of difficulty to work with - four big slabs of fun.

    Move the shape into the desired position and click to let it go.

    Position your shapes carefully; if you place one over another it will pop out of it an into the closest available space, but will cause a small piece of havoc in the process.

    What's new in next version:

    1. Rearrange the levels,add some more fun level.

    2. Add stacker Editor.

    3. Share stacker which you edited to friends.
    10-02-2009 02:54 AM