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    A very useful tool for Interns, Medical Students and Emergency Room Physicians and Intensive Care Physicians and Hospitalists and Nurses. The new medical tool is called "Acetaminophen Clincal Toxicity Tool". It will help the Physician to know when to treat and how to dose the antedote
    for Acetaminophen overdose. Acetaminophen is known has Tylenol. It is the
    number one drug overdosed and will destroy your liver if taken over 4 grams.
    There are today over 200 liver transplants due to Acetaminophen drug related toxicity. Over 25 over the counter medications contain acetaminophen.
    Get the app from your iPhone library, it costs less than a cup of coffee!
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    launched iPhone MEdical Apps Aggregator(iPhone Medical & Health Apps: news, reviews, trends - iPhone Medical Software News), so hope, here you will find many useful info about iphone medical development.
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