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    Alien Glyphs
    Alien Glyphs is an interesting new perception/matching game that has you exercising your mind in a surprisingly pressure-filled scenario... the real strength of the game is the individual mental challenge it presents in what is a seemingly simple task.
    - touchArcade.com by Arnold Kim

    Alien Glyphs presents an original conception of an arcade survival game, which gives you the chance to meld with mysterious hieroglyphs of an alien race. While playing you have to find glyph pairs in the allotted time, activate power-ups, fight against mutators and escape penalties. You can train all your attention and reflexes to razor edged sharpness.

    Play just for fun or train yourself to grandmaster skills! Earn achievements and challenge your friends on the OpenFeint social network! Submit your best scores and compete with the best players all over the world! Listen to an outstanding in-game sound track or play along with your favorite iTunes music!


    Alien Glyphs is a puzzle-based arcade game. The goal is simple but challenging - to find the pair for each target glyph on the alien control panel and then strike it. You have a limited time for each glyph. If the time expires another glyph appears on the bar. If the bar is filled with glyphs, the game is over. Power-ups and penalties can slow down or speed up the timer, mutate or mix glyphs, and more. For each completed game you have the option to create challenges and send them to your friends.


    - Infinite survival challenge
    - OpenFeint ready (including 20+ achievements and two challenge modes)
    - Escalating glyph and speed complexity
    - Perfect suitability for touch controls
    - Personal and Worldwide high-score boards
    - Hi-score progression in real-time (both personal and worldwide)
    - Four different visual themes
    - Complete tutorial
    - Three difficulty levels


    Developer:Viacheslav Klimov
    Average Rating:4.50 (11)
    Size:9.3 MB
    10-01-2009 02:30 PM
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    Trailer -
    Gameplay -
    10-01-2009 02:32 PM
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    Alien Glyphs hardcore players:
    Lukeb from Boston got the first place on hard.
    Check High scores
    Lukeb also put the 3 parts video of the game he played.
    10-05-2009 07:15 AM
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    We are very glad to inform you that Alien Glyphs is featured by Apple in New and Noteworthy in U.S.
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