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    Turn your iPhone/iPod Touch into a Laptop.

    With myDesktop you will be able to open multiple web browser windows.

    Each window is a web browser like Safari.

    You can have all your favourites web sites and web applications opened at the same time like in a laptop: Google, Yahoo!, eBuddy Free Messenger (MSN,AIM,ICQ), Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc.

    - Multiple windows.
    - Fullscreen web browser.
    - Bookmarks.
    - Window resizing.
    - Drag/Move windows.
    - Maximize any window to use fullscreen.
    - Nice wallpaper.
    - Private web browsing.
    - Change wallpaper from your photos library.
    - Dock with icons to add sites/apps.
    - Tap and Hold over links and images.
    - Open link in new window
    - Send link
    - Save image
    - Open image in new window
    - Send image
    - Saves windows on exit so you can reopen app to show last windows.
    - Open YouTube links with YouTube app.
    - Open AppStore links with AppStore app.
    - Help message on the bottom bar.
    - Close all windows button.
    - Localization: English, Espaol, 日本語 (Japanese), German, Franais, Italiano.

    Take a look at the first version video:

    Update 1.01 video:

    Contact us from our site with your suggestions and desired features.
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    10-01-2009 12:10 AM