1. Jackson Fish Market's Avatar
    Hi everyone! We're excited to launch a series of three educational iPhone apps for young children.

    Hippo Hooray Colors, Shapes, and Letters are great ways to help young children learn their colors, shapes, and letters as well as keep them entertained. Colors, shapes, and letters appear in a variety of contexts on colorful backgrounds with rich imagery. A young voice encourages the child to choose the right colored object, shape or letter, helps them if they dont pick right the first time, and pats them on the back when they choose correctly. Every so often a short video will pop up congratulating your child on doing a great job.

    Amid beautiful illustrations, youll find Honey the Hippo and Raphael the Robin (yes, he paints!) peeking out from behind scenery, and coming out to encourage your child. (Keep an eye out for the monkey with the cupcake hat.) In addition to high quality artwork, the user interface is as simple as can be, letting your toddler focus on cognitive, language, and motor development not to mention fun.

    Each of these new apps for the iPhone are available right now in the App Store for only $0.99.

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    09-30-2009 01:08 PM
  2. duhneiz's Avatar
    i have a 5 year old nephew who says he wants an iphone for xmas :| he wont be getting one ha
    ive dl'ed a couple of apps like pocket phonics which he lovessssssssss
    ima def get the letters one
    09-30-2009 01:19 PM