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    Show Off! Get Ready, Here it Comes!
    Sept 22, 2009 ChapBros Media

    ChapBros Media is pleased to announce, SHOW OFF, the worldwide talent competition EXCLUSIVELY on Apples iPhone and iPod Touch.

    ChapBros Media is the brainchild of Duane Lee Chapman, Wesley D. Chapman and Leland B. Chapman, the sons of world famous DOG The Bounty Hunter. ChapBros Media has just received the thumbs up from Apple Inc. and is excited for the launch of SHOW OFF in the app store this upcoming week!

    SHOW OFF gives users the ability to submit videos of their talents and vote via the iPhone or iPod Touch for their favorite video submissions. Weekly prizes will be given for the overall winners and every 14 weeks one Ultimate SHOW OFF will be crowned!

    As SHOW OFF develops so will the prizes! Due to Apples restrictions, ChapBros Media is unable to give away cash prizes. But the Chapman brothers have a few ideas up their sleeves! Prizes will consist of t-shirts, bags, hats, guitar straps, drum sticks, flip video cameras, mugs and more.

    ChapBros Media has taken their business plan to the social community in a very effective and aggressive way. By utilizing MySpace, Facebook and Twitter the Chapman brothers have not only created hype, but have turned their fans into active marketing agents. Teams have been created and given critical duties to help grow the SHOW OFF project and the ChapBros Media brand. Teams are assigned missions and each team is rewarded for the completion of these missions.

    Not only does this bring the fans closer to the project and the Chapman brothers, it also fuels viral and social marketing. In just days the ChapBros Twitter, MySpace and Facebook accounts have gathered thousands of fans and are growing every day.

    ChapBros Media will be releasing other iPhone apps in the coming weeks and will continue to release apps through out 2009 and 2010.
    09-26-2009 08:06 PM