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    "..TriviaBurst brings competitive trivia to iPhone"
    -- CNET

    "..TriviaBurst is an extremely well designed trivia game that has enough features to keep you coming back for more"
    -- appleiphoneschool.com

    TriviaBurst combines the love of trivia with the heat of competition. Form groups, challenge your friends, and even submit your own trivia questions in this unique online connected trivia game featuring over 5500+ questions across multiple categories.

    No charge for additional categories or questions. You get all the questions in the game plus all the new ones that are constantly added by our user base.

    TriviaBurst is the first trivia game on the App Store that allows you to compete against your friends and family for top scores and interact with the Facebook community.

    Answer harder questions for more points and climb to the top of the in-game leader boards. Submit your own questions and have other players see your picture right in game!

    Brag to the world by automatically posting your scores on your Facebook page. The message center will let you know when your friends have beaten your score and it's time to play!


    - Over 5500+ questions and growing daily
    - 3 levels of difficulty - easy, medium, hard or random
    - Ability to submit your own questions to test others with your trivia knowledge. User submitted questions are filtered through a flagging system by other users for accuracy
    - 30 seconds per question in each round
    - If the question is missed, correct answer is provided
    - Ability to rate questions by a star system
    - Flag questions that are inaccurate
    - Ability to play with 5, 10, 25 or 50 questions per round
    - Facebook support, upload your results and invite friends to play, post scores to your home page
    - Ability to upload your picture in your game settings page
    - Challenge groups or friends to see who can score more points
    - Earn more points for harder questions as well as how quickly you answer.
    - Browse the scores of other players and groups using the in-game leader boards.
    - Incorporates a unique algorithm to reduce the chance of repeated questions
    - A full messaging center that notifies you when you are challenged by a friend or a group, or when scores are updated
    - Push notifications are sent out when there are new messages or challenges in the game


    1. Entertainment
    - Celebrities
    - Movies
    - Music
    - Performing Arts
    - TV (USA)
    - Video Games & Toys

    2. General Knowledge
    - Art
    - Business
    - Computers & Technology
    - Fashion & Beauty
    - Food & Beverage
    - Geography USA
    - Geography World
    - Health and Wellness
    - History USA
    - History World
    - Language Arts
    - Literature
    - Medical
    - Sciences

    3. Sports
    - Auto Racing
    - Baseball
    - Basketball
    - Football
    - Golf
    - Hockey
    - Tennis

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    "..TriviaBurst represents solid value"
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    "..Triviaburst is an overall great app"
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    - To minimize any repeat questions, set your question difficulty in the settings to "random", this will pull -easy, medium and hard questions from the system.

    TriviaBurst is a Bit33 / E5 product

    09-26-2009 05:09 PM