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    The new version of iHerd was released by Apple last week featuring a new music track by the Monster Ceilidh Band and a brand new level Ribbledon.

    So if you like the sound of it please get it on iTunes. If you visit our site you can also download a free model flight simulator for Windows which we are currently porting to iPhone (more later).

    So like the name suggests iHerd is all about virtual herding. iHerd was developed deep in the heart of West Yorkshire, so it is truly authentic.

    Herding sheep takes years of dedication. This dedication is needed to train the sheepdogs, learn the complex art of the fetch, drive and pen disciplines, and then master those difficult sheep whistles.

    But not here! In iHerd you simply position each sheepdog with your finger tip. The herding dogs faithfully obey and follow your lead.

    iHerd features 6 different types of sheep and 2 dogs.

    Game play features:

    - Position your dog next to the sheep using your finger
    - Quickly pen the sheep by touching the stone circle
    - Enjoy the different characteristics of each sheep and their different bonus scores
    - Make use of score multipliers by penning lots of sheep at once
    - Try to find the hidden 'ram' mode
    - Pass sheep through the level's gate for an extra bonus
    - Unique sheep flocking dynamic - white more time - black less time

    The game also includes:

    - Tiny download size due to aggressive compression techniques
    - Fast loading of the game
    - Automatic save and resume of a game
    - Querky real life animal samples
    - Music by from the album 'Make me a dancer' by the Monster Ceilidh Band.

    So, welcome to the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

    Happy herding!

    Get it on iTunes here

    Our Home page and other games.

    09-26-2009 02:24 PM
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    Some more pictures, this time of the new level and pen.

    09-27-2009 10:09 AM