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    Up Down Solitaire

    Looking for a fresh look on Solitaire? Tired of the same old cookie cutter Solitaire games sitting on your computers and mobile devices? Then it's time to try out Up Down Solitaire!

    Up Down Solitaire is a new mode of Solitaire which breaks away from the stale mold of regurgitated Solitaire games. It's a fresh, new, and sexy Solitaire game which will leave you coming back for more.

    Up Down Solitaire is a completely novel Solitaire game that has been passed on through generations of family and is now available to you! This version of Solitaire is a quick learn and an even quicker addiction!

    Up Down Solitaire features an online community which allows you to connect with other players at UpDownSolitaire.com!


    - Brand New Solitaire Gameplay
    - Stat Tracking
    - Awards
    - Easy to Follow Tutorial Guide
    - Tap Card Movement
    - Integrated Gaming Community
    - Online Leaderboards
    - Infinite Undo
    - Resumable Game State Saving


    Follow Up Down Solitaire...
    On Twitter: Up Down Solitaire (UpDownSolitaire) on Twitter
    On Facebook: Up Down Solitaire | Facebook

    Be sure to check out UpDownSolitaire.com and create an account so you can upload your game scores and compare your results against other players!



    Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
    Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later
    Requires an internet connection to upload statistics to the web

    Name: Up Down Solitaire
    Category: Game/Card
    Price: $0.99
    iTunes Link: iTunes Store
    09-25-2009 11:52 AM