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    I'm happy to announce Listmaker, a new iPhone app that synchronizes lists with the web. Listmaker is a minimalist list making app that synchronizes its lists to Toodledo for online access. Although Listmaker can be used as a simple to do list, it is not meant to be a replacement task manager for power users. Instead, Listmaker is meant to be a complement to your regular system, tracking all those things that aren't actionable. For instance, you can use Listmaker to create a grocery list, gift list, travel checklist, or a list of books to read -- whatever lists you'd usually jot down on a sticky note. And since it synchronizes with Toodledo, you can access your lists online and share them with others.

    I can hear you now, "Why does the iPhone need yet another list app?" Here's why: There are few list apps for the iPhone that combine simplicity with the ability to synchronize data to an online web service. The most popular one is Zenbe Lists, and although it does its job well, it has some limitations: it offers too limited a selection of data fields, it has limited sorting options, and the online service is a closed ecosystem without the ability to import or export your data.

    Listmaker solves these problems. It maintains a certain minimalism that keeps clutter out of the way, but it still offers the features that you need. In Listmaker you can individually sort lists alphabetically, by due date, or manually, and since it syncs to Toodledo, you can take advantage of all the features it offers including the ability to import, export, and share your data. Listmaker also offers a few more data fields that I consider essential, namely a notes field and the ability to create a hierarchy of sub-lists. In short, Listmaker does its best to stay out of your way while offering all the options you need to effectively access your lists.

    For more information about Listmaker, please visit its homepage at software.dazeend.org/listmaker .

    Listmaker Features
    - Synchronizes over the air with Toodledo.com.

    - Minimalist. List items hold a title, due date, and a field for notes -- that's it. All the clutter has been eliminated making it quick to reference the information you need.

    - Share entire lists or individual list items by emailing it to another person from within Listmaker.

    - Supports sub-lists, and there is no limit on how many levels of sub-lists can be used.

    - Landscape mode keyboard available. Or lock Listmaker into portrait mode for more convenient one handed use.

    - Individually sort each list alphabetically, by due date, or manually.

    - Highlights overdue tasks and lists with eye-catching red labels.
    09-18-2009 10:21 AM