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    We've released the latest version of our GIS app for the iPhone/iPod, this time centered on the geology and physical geography of Washington and Oregon.

    This app is intended for both professionals (geologists, geographers, mineral industry, timber industry, etc...) and enthusiasts (believe it or not, a lot of people are interested in geology). It is of course fully GPS-enabled.

    The home page for the app is at : Integrity Logic - Geology WA/OR

    The application contains 25 layers of data, which can be combined and reordered in any way desired:

    • geological map from the U.S. Geological Service
    • public land ownership (local, state, federal)
    • states outlines
    • all 1,930 earthquakes in recorded history with a magnitude of 3.0 or above
    • seismic hazard
    • land elevation from NASA
    • ocean bathymetry from NOAA
    • hydrologic units
    • county lines, USGS quadrangles
    • UTM zones, state plane zones
    • township and range
    • urban areas, hydrological features
    • cities, roads and railroad tracks
    • active mines and quarries
    • all available potassium/argon dates
    • main aquifers
    • old faults and active faults
    • plate boundaries
    • volcanoes and volcanic features

    We have a couple of videos showing some features of the app : Integrity Logic - Videos of Geology WA/OR

    09-18-2009 07:15 AM