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    My Properties is a brand new property management application for the iPhone - the first UK centric property management application of its kind.

    London, England, September, 12, 2009; BMAD sees the launch of My Properties, an application that logs important information against properties, and calculates yields and Return on Investment (ROI) for rental properties.

    Since the launch of the App Store over a year ago, thousands of applications have been developed, but there is very little choice when it comes to property management applications. My Properties developed by London based BMAD, in partnership with iReality, is targeted to anyone who likes to dabble in property - it doesnt matter whether they own one or fifty, this application acts as an informative snap shot of a property portfolio.

    After setting the security pass code and selecting a base currency from GBP, Dollars or Euros, the user is ready to add as many properties as they like and take up to three photos per property. The information logged is split into eight core categories: Property Details, Mortgage Details, Rental Details, Tenant Details, Agent Details, Utility Providers, Costs, Notes/Itinerary. In all, there are 24 available fields, but the flexibility of My Properties allows the user to complete as many or as little fields as they like. Whatever information is inputted is then presented in the at a glance Portfolio and Summary screens that highlight Rented or Vacant properties depending on their status.

    If for instance, the user wants to check tenants details and the duration of their rental agreement, they simply make their selection from the Portfolio screen, and all the information for that particular property is presented in the Summary screen where the user can scroll through the details. If they want to know the Rental ROI they tap the Rental ROI tab and the results for Net/Gross Yield and ROI for all rental properties within the portfolio are instantly listed. Its that simple! And in the instances where they may want to make ad-hoc rental ROI calculations, they open the Calculator; punch in the information and hit Calculate.

    Other features include: a running total of the value of the property portfolio, an email facility, the option to allocate a different currency to specific properties, and a live Exchange Rate feed also making it ideal for those who own properties abroad.

    Although My Properties is the first UK centric property management application of its kind, it is nevertheless a truly global application that combines simplicity, value for money and good design with functionality - making it a potential must for anyone in the property game.

    09-18-2009 05:07 AM