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    Honey Farm

    Honey Farm is an entertainingly strategic game where agility and quick
    thinking are essential.
    No matter you are allergic to bee stings or not, you can enjoy a fun
    addictive game.

    Once your honey pots are in place and you are confident that
    everything is in working order it's time to direct your honey bees.
    Help them to deliver honey.
    Touch a bee and drag its flying path to a honey pot.
    Bees can produce different variations and batches of honey.
    The types of bee produced different types of honey.
    Direct bee to their designated honey pot of the same color
    To make honey, a honey bee extracts nectar from flowers and takes it
    back to the hive.
    A bee makes 154 trips for one teaspoon of honey!
    To gather enough nectar for a pound of honey, a bee flies a distance
    equal to three trips around the world!

    Traveling is hard on bees and they can't all be expected to live
    through the trip.
    Watch out for bees that are too close together. They might collide
    with each other.
    Put your skills to the test when bees are bumbled all at once.

    "No Bees Were Harmed During the Making of This Game"

    *short comic introduction
    *3 scenarios of cute cartoon-like
    *5 types of Honey Bees, new types of bee will add if you unlock new scenario.
    *Optional sound effects & music: amazing sound effects
    *Simple but cute graphics
    *Incredibly addictive and strategic
    *Easy and intuitive controls
    *Auto Save
    *Flexible Play

    Get the Honey Farm click here!

    See the game play Video at

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