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What's my iPhone worth?
  1. korbin98's Avatar
    Check out the first mobile golf swing video analysis program. Utilize the video capabilities of the 3Gs for capturing swing clips and categorizing them in the library. Analyze your swing in slow motion or frame by frame playback, with smart drawing tools.

    Any feedback would be appreciated!
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    09-18-2009 02:23 AM
  2. danpan's Avatar
    for some reason i saw two with similar names, theres myiSwing and then "iSwing". the iswing was muuuuchhh better....
    so i bought that one.
    11-21-2009 04:34 PM
  3. korbin98's Avatar
    Since you're the designer of the copy cat app! I don't blame you Charlie Keum

    So sad how you've gone around the web bashing the MyiSwing app for your own benefit. Why don't you figure out how to use the actual video instead of feeding people a bunch of crappy still images, what's wrong can't figure that out!
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    12-05-2009 04:55 PM
  4. nicokid's Avatar
    Yeah,piracy is a big prob these days, but the devs mean no harm after all. If u don't like it and feel it lame,just don't buy it.
    12-05-2009 10:15 PM
  5. danpan's Avatar
    who's dan keum? my iSwing is amazing.
    i've attached some images.
    • iSwing - iPhone Golf Swing Analyzer • v2.0
    12-09-2009 10:06 AM
  6. danpan's Avatar
    thank you fans for making iSwing the #1 golf swing analyzer on the planet.
    Get the original and #1 Golf Swing Analyzer today.

    • iSwing - iPhone Golf Swing Analyzer • v2.0
    12-23-2009 08:29 AM
  7. danpan's Avatar
    ffmpeg. mpeg LA should be contacting you soon.
    12-23-2009 08:30 AM