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    I submitted my app months ago just when Battery apps started making their way into the App Store and climbing the charts. Of course, Apple killed it for me, leaving MyBattery to be approved just yesterday, along with yet another surge of battery apps. BUT, this app does have a few key differentiators, so hopefully you will read on and check out my FREE app.

    MyBattery - Accurate Battery Indicator - is the most accurate battery app for iPhone and iPod Touch. While other battery apps estimate remaining battery percentage to 5%, MyBattery is the FIRST and ONLY app to display battery life to 1% by retrieving hardware information from your device.

    This app is FREE and features a mac-style icon and simplistic interface.

    We still have hope in becoming the most popular battery app on the App Store. While there was once no legitimate way to retrieve diagnostic information about battery life, we are now able to do so to 1% accuracy. Hope you like the app!

    09-17-2009 03:12 PM