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    Farm Frenzy
    By: Alawar Entertainment, Inc
    Type: Sim Farming
    Cost: $0.99 or free lite version

    Rating 4.5

    Farm Frenzy

    If you ever wanted to own a cow, or at least pretend you owned a cow, then this game is for you. You buy animals, keep them fed and then sell off the goods for cash and upgrades. It is all the fun of a real farm without the cow pods.

    You start off the game by seeing the goals to complete the level, eg; get 3 eggs. Sometimes you begin the level with some money or you may start off with some animals or a combination of the two. Then you use money to buy chickens (which gracefully fall to the screen). These chickens need to eat, so you tap the ground to form grass. The chickens eat the grass and then lay eggs which you can harvest by tapping the egg on screen. Then you may need to fill the well with water by tapping. You can then sell the eggs by placing them in the truck and sending it off to be sold. That gives you money and allows you to buy more animals or upgrade your buildings.

    Paid Version VS Lite Version

    The lite version of the game allows you to play 9 levels completely, though you do get nag messages between levels.

    The paid version has over 45 levels, 5 different animals, 9 products and various building upgrades. If you complete each level before a set time you will be ranked with a gold or silver medal if you beat the clock or just a check if you allowed the time to run out before completion of the goals.

    Replay Value: 4
    This game is quite addicting, especially if you enjoy simple sim games. It is easy to play and the levels go from quite simple to very challenging.
    Graphics: 4.5
    Cute and colorful graphics. There is a bit of an issue in the transfer to the iphone on the placement of the icons with text.
    Fun factor 4
    Love the game it is a lot of fun and hard to put down. Love the fact you can log in different users.
    Ease of Use: 4.5
    The games interface was very intuitive and responsive.

    1) Long long load time. This may not be a problem for people with the 3gs but for those of us with the regular iPod touch or iPhone it takes a while to load.
    2) There were sometimes when I would place grass on the field when I just wanted to pick something up.
    3) I would also have liked the option to get rid of produce in my storage shed and sell my animals back when I did not need them.

    Simple to play
    Intuitive controls
    Many hours of game play
    Levels can become monotonous
    09-16-2009 08:10 PM