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    A funny party time app, which does what a helium inhaler does without any ill effects of helium.It turns your iPhone into a balloon filled with helium and you inhale helium through the microphone.After that you have to speak to a red dot in the phone for a few seconds and the app will repeat what you told in a quite funny way, just as you sound if you inhale helium.
    Needless to say that you're not really inhaling Helium or any other substance from your iPhone. Inhale Here will basically detect when you're breathing next to the microphone to make that balloon on the screen grow smaller and smaller. When you're asked to speak, the app will record your voice and then process it by altering the pitch. You then get a high-pitched version of what you just said from the iPhone speakers.

    The striking features of this app are

    1.real-time balloon deflation while user is inhaling,
    2. the photo-realistic graphics,
    3. the way the recording stops when user stops speaking.

    You can get it here

    09-15-2009 10:59 AM