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    The old age Battleship game is back in its classic format with a pencil and square paper theme, which is sure to produce a nostalgia in minds of people who had played it during old school days.For those who haven't played the game till now the rules are simple, 2 players secretly place five ships of varying sizes on a grid. They then take turns guessing at where their opponents ships might be. First to sink all of their opponents ships wins

    The sounds are made by live sound and is quite funny.The game also has a self-training AI, which will increases the replay value..

    The rules of the game remains the same though there is a choice in number of shots fired in a turn in the two modes provided, classic and alternative.
    The game supports multiplayer mode in the same phone or via Wi-Fi (expect the Wi-Fi multiplayer mode in next revision)
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    09-15-2009 10:55 AM