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    It's already #3 in Navigation Top Free Apps!

    From Where.com"

    We are happy to announce that the Traffic.com iPhone application which was built on the WHERE platform is now available for FREE in the iTunes App Store. The Traffic.com application is available on the iPhone & iPod Touch.

    The Traffic.com application allows you to take control of your daily commute with real-time traffic information from the #1 U.S. traffic-only website for online and mobile traffic information. With the Traffic.com app, you will have the pulse of the road at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you need it.

    Real-time, color-coded traffic flow moving maps that can be panned or zoomed to quickly view area traffic congestion or set to GPS mode to move along with you

    Incident data includes accidents, construction, events, weather and congestion

    MyTraffic personalized drives are synced with the traffic.com website to allow you to create customized routes

    View top traffic hotspots in your city or browse through the list of all nearby roads and road segments to drill down to the locations that matter the most

    Save your favorite roads and road segments for quick access through the traffic dashboard

    Visit TRAFFIC on iPhone for more information and to find out if Traffic.com data is available for your area
    09-14-2009 10:03 AM