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    EasyTrails GPS is an application that turns the iPhone into a GPS receiver able to record, analyze, export and share your tracks. It's an ideal instrument for those who want to keep track of their outdoor sporting activities: hiking, running, biking, skiing, nordic walking, etc..

    EasyTrails GPS has been designed to be extremely easy to use (that's what the "easy" in the name stands for) and to have a nice and elegant interface. Nevertheless, internally incorporates advanced algorithms that make it extremely lightweight, rugged, reliable and accurate. The battery life, thanks to these characteristics and to the ability to put the iPhone in standby while still recording, is much longer than the competing applications.

    The application, which has been extensively tested in real scenarios by the Cuneotrekking's team, allows you to record your own routes and provides real time info like distance traveled, location, speed and current altitude. It also displays graphically the elevation profile and the map with the journey.

    Through EasyTrails GPS you can, for example, know with absolute precision how long you have run, how far and how fast. The tracks can then be exported in standard formats as GPX, KML/KMZ and CSV and sent to your computer to be analyzed and stored with programs like SportTracks (Windows), TrailsRunner (Mac OS X) and Google Earth / Maps or through online services such as MotionBased.

    EasyTrails GPS is available on the AppStore and can be purchased by all owners of iPhone 3G and 3GS for the promotional price of 1.99 $. For those who want to try it for free there is a LITE version, which will save one track at a time for a maximum catch of 30 minutes, more than enough to evaluate its functionality.

    The current version, which on iTunes Italy has a rank of four and a half stars out of five, is 1.2, but the Zirak Ltd. has already subjected to Apple the version 1.3 with many new important features such as real time map support during recording.

    Key features of EasyTrails GPS are:

    * Clear and intuitive user interface.
    * Strong, lightweight, reliable and accurate.
    * Maximum battery duration.
    * Automatic or manual managing of metric measuring systems (Europe) or Imperial (United States).
    * No limit on leght or time for the GPS tracks.
    * Ability to close the application during the registration and resume the interrupted track at a later time.
    * Export tracks in standard formats GPX, KML / KMZ and CSV.
    * GPS traces displayed on maps or satellite or, starting with version 1.2, streets.
    * Showing elevation profiles and charts of various types of GPS traces.
    * Compatible with Google Earth, Google Maps, SportTracks, TrailRunner, MotionBased, etc..
    * Languages: English, Italian, Portuguese and (version 1.2) French.

    Moreover, EasyTrails donate 10% of the revenues in favour of environmental projects developed by non-profit associations in the whole world. (check the website)
    The Earth, the environment, the nature are suffering: buying EasyTrails you can give a small contribution to support who is implementing the projects in the field. Your micro-help can become big if joined to those of others!
    09-12-2009 07:34 AM
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    Could somebody kindly tell me how in the heck to change the units in this app from kilometers and meters to miles and feet? I have the light version to try it out and like it and would like to buy it. However not if I'm stuck with units I do not want. Is it that the Lite version doesn't have it but the full version does?? Just don't want to waste even the two bucks if it won't show me my trails in miles. Thanks!
    10-04-2009 07:16 PM
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    @Appaluci :yes, you can change the settings from miles to km and vice-versa, just going to the "Settings" (where you have AirPlane Mode, Wi-Fi, Carrier,...), and scroll down to "EasyTrails" (or also "EasyTrailsLT" if you have the Lite version, it works with both).
    There you can specify various settings for EasyTrails GPS, like Units, the compression of tracks when exported, and beep when GPS signal is lost.

    Here is what you can do in the version 1.4 Lite:


    P.S. in the version 2.0, as you know, you can import/export multiple tracks also, directly from the PC! will be published soon, waiting approval from AppStore, it seems...
    10-09-2009 04:55 AM
  4. phil's Avatar
    New version 2.0 is out, but the Lite version disappeared...
    I wrote to the developers, and seems it's a problem of the AppStore, they have the application "Ready for sale" but doesn't appear in AppStore anymore.... anyway, no problem for me, I've the full version, hehehe!
    10-14-2009 06:03 AM
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    do you know if it will take long for them to put the LITE version back on?...lots of friends told me wonders about it but i want to test it before buing!
    10-14-2009 06:42 AM
  6. Appaluci's Avatar
    Since my initial posting, I now have the full version, and do enjoy it. I did figure out where to change from km to miles etc, and so far the few tracks I've done were good to have. Very useful app for me. However, one thing I don't like, is it seems that it stops recording your track when one of many things occur -- such as an incoming text message, a phone call... I find this a disadvantage, because I don't always want to stop and address a text msg or a call while out hiking, but I do not want my track recording to stop, often without me noticing. Anyone know how to change or fix this? Perhaps this can be improved in a future version?

    10-14-2009 01:31 PM
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    ok, LITE version is back...
    10-15-2009 09:39 AM
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    @Appaluci: thank you for the suggestion, I'll pass the idea to the development team of Zirak, and they will be happy to include it soon! (The 2.1 release is already waiting AppStore publishing it, let's see if it can go in the 2.2 update.....).

    BTW, for improvements, it's VERY NICE if you can describe in detail, like you did in this forum, maybe with a very small example (like: "I'm walking in the mountain with EasyTrail GPS recording, I receive an SMS, after this I find my EasyTrails GPS track in "pause". Is it possible to start it automatically?"), and send directly to the contacts page of the easytrails website: Contact Us | EasyTrails

    anyway, again THANK YOU Appaluci!
    10-17-2009 07:33 PM