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    My new app, "Time Frames" has just been released.

    A multi-phase session timer for:
    Meditation Sessions, Workout Sessions, Practice Sessions, Therapy Sessions, Presentations and more...

    Time Frames allows you to easily time or monitor any activity that consists of one or more parts or periods. You create customized, timed sessions by choosing the number of sequential periods desired, their durations, and their ending sounds. During an active session the display will show the total time remaining in the session, which period is currently active, and the time remaining in that period. The preset sounds signal completion of each period. A session may be paused and later resumed as desired.

    Time Frames includes three sample sessions which provide starting points and ideas for use. These examples include a meditation session, a workout session, and a child's homework session. Users will find Time Frames a helpful tool for many other timed activities, from music practice to baking, athletic pastimes to therapy sessions.

    Learn more about Time Frames on our web site.

    Here is the ITS link:
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    Here is the link to my web site:
    Otherwise - Time Frames
    09-10-2009 01:51 PM