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    Hi, all

    We are Digitopolis studio, a tiny developer who made a Fakewatch app
    that made big news
    "Cartier sues Apple, then withdraws suit"
    Cartier sues Apple, then withdraws suit | Apple - CNET News

    Today we would love you to try some of our paid-apps for free by way
    of iTunesStore promotion codes.

    Here they are:
    1. Fortune stick Seamsee (Eng)- iTunes Store a fortune teller stick from two most
    sacred and oldest temples in Thailand.
    Fortune Stick Shaker is an old fortune telling art originated in
    China. The process starts with praying to the Supreme Being and asking
    what one needs to know whether it's job-related, love life or simply
    day-to-day living issue. Hold the cylindrical bamboo container at a
    shallow angle -almost horizontal. Gently shake the container up and
    down. Stir and move about until one particular stick begins to move
    forward. Keep shaking until this stick falls out completely. Read the
    number on the end of the stick and fetch the corresponding fortune
    from the compartment. The read-out is written in beautiful poetic

    2. Romantic Reward Randomizer - iTunes Store
    Running out of ideas for your bedroom activities?
    Worry no more. If you and your partner could use some extra
    excitement, take a chance and enjoy some random intimate session. Use
    Bedroom Game to generate a special combination of bedroom activities
    slot-machine-style. Each one is sure to make you a winner with your
    intimate partner. Keep your sex life fresh and exciting with new
    foreplaying and lovemaking ideas any time you want.
    Play any game with your spouse or partner and use Romantic Rewards
    Randomizer at the end of play session to reward the winner or punish
    the loser.

    if you are interested in these apps please email
    info@digitopolisstudio.com, or Private Message to us, we will send you promotional codes and
    please rate our apps.

    Thank you

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    links would be helpful.

    09-09-2009 01:10 AM
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    links would be helpful.

    Thanks for your comment, we already added links
    09-09-2009 02:13 AM
  4. Stolen Suns's Avatar
    Are those free?
    09-10-2009 08:43 AM
  5. digitopolis's Avatar
    Are those free?
    It's free! but apple limit only for iTune store USA.
    if you registered at US Store, I will send you the code for free.
    09-13-2009 10:20 PM
  6. digitopolis's Avatar
    Free code ! to every one who is in US iTunes Store.

    Email or PM to me.

    Fortune Stick

    Romantic Reward Randomizer
    09-13-2009 10:33 PM