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    Introducing Say it & Mail it for iPhone and iPod Touch
    Say it & Mail it - iPhone iPod touch recorder email mail utility reminder memo to do app

    See the new features planned for September
    Say it & Mail it Versions

    The quickest way to email a voice memo from your iPhone or iPod Touch to yourself or to others.

    Send yourself reminders when you are away from your computer. No typing required. Your email address and subject are autofilled.

    Include a picture in your email. Take a photo or select from album. Pictures are full resolution compressed jpg format and small file size.

    Include a Google Map link to your location in your email
    Note: for your privacy, map location services will not be used until you flip the location switch on.

    Great way to send anyone a detailed email without using the keyboard.
    Emailed voice memos are compatible with Mac, PC and any other computer O/S (uses compressed wave format).

    No file maintenance on your iPhone/iPod Touch, since audio files are not stored there.
    09-06-2009 08:12 PM
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    Sounds interesting.
    09-10-2009 09:36 AM
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    Sounds interesting.
    let me make a try and respond
    09-11-2009 03:06 AM