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    Just wanted to announce the submission of iScared to the App Store...

    Official Site
    GetMobiled.com's iScared - Halloween App for the iPhone & iPod Touch

    About iScared
    iScared is a unique Halloween app that features a fully interactive girl in a scary setting complete with thunder and lightning. Britney has wondered away from the party and into the darkness... but she's not alone.

    Why not scare Britney, or make her eat bat wings! If you really want to annoy her, throw some candy at her.

    Britney's also touchable... touch her any where on her body and she'll respond to you.

    iScared Features
    • Touch her any where and she'll respond to you
    • Britney is a REAL girl -- not a cheesy cartoon or 3D animation
    • Britney responds differently to touching her in different places
    • Britney is in a scary place with thunder and lightning
    • Throw candy at her, make her eat different things, or scare her with sounds
    • Britney knows more than 100 responses -- she'll never bore you or your friends
    • iScared will definitely impress your friends
    • And much more!

    iScared Screenshots
    (screen lightens with lightning when the app is running)

    09-03-2009 10:33 AM