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    Plasmaworks is pleased to announce the release of Armageddon Rider, a fast paced arcade-action game for iPhone and iPod Touch!

    As the Mysterious Rider you're trying to fight your way through an evil air force on a quest of destruction. Take on swarms of missile-launching tanks and planes as they try and banish you back to the depths of Hell. Annihilate your enemies on the ground and in the air by smashing them with your motorcycle. Their objective is to eliminate you, but your objective is MAXIMUM COMBO through the supercharged power of Armageddon!

    First ever motorcycle versus military aircraft game
    Bounce off of tanks, planes, and missiles
    Ride the skies for as long as you can before you touch the ground
    Both tilt and touch controls
    Personal, national, and global high score tracking
    Rocking soundtrack by Doctor Zero

    Available now from the iTunes App Store!
    For more information on Armageddon Rider or Plasmaworks, visit Armageddon Rider | Plasmaworks

    To download Armageddon Rider, visit the iTunes Store
    09-02-2009 09:01 PM