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    MyTeam Soccer (sportyapps.com) is a complete Soccer and Football team management application that is designed for coaches, players and parents. There are two companion editions: MyTeam Soccer Coach (for complete team, player and game management, and for browsing and examining team and player statistics), and MyTeam Soccer Player (for just browsing and examining team and player statistics). MyTeam Soccer Coach provides a unified environment for managing soccer teams, players and games

    With MyTeam Soccer Coach:

    * One or more teams can be configured with team name, team color(s) and default game format.

    * Any number of games can be configured for each team, with game settings including team, opposition name, venue, date and time, and game format.

    * Players are added to games by simply selecting them from your address book.

    Treating Young Players Equitably
    On game day, MyTeam Soccer Coach provides an elegant interface for recording in-game events. Players have individual on-field clocks, and can be moved between the bench and the field with one touch. Individual clocks make it easy for youth and club coaches to accurately monitor player participation, to manage the equal distribution of player time, and therefore to treat their young players equitably.

    With just two touches, player-specific events such as goal, corner kick, offside can be recorded. A full game clock is available, and game time and player on-field time are maintained even when MyTeam Soccer Coach quits (for example an incoming phone call is taken). Opposition goals can be recorded with one touch.

    Satisfying Parent's Needs
    After game day, MyTeam Soccer Coach offers a quick-view single-screen game review showing the result and score, total game time and on-field time for all players. Goals are shown against the scoring players.

    All finished games in MyTeam Soccer Coach are available for examination via extensive team and player statistics. Just two touches are needed to see the performance statistics of a particular player or team over their last game, last five games, or all games. Statistics are available for every event recorded by MyTeam Soccer Coach, including goals, penalties, assists, cards and so on. Statistics provided include total, average per game, and average rate.

    The MyTeam Soccer Coach app can share data from played games with nearby devices that have the MyTeam Soccer Player app installed; sharing is via Bluetooth. Games played by an individual, by a team, or all games, can be shared at the discretion of the coach. When individual data is selected, all other player data is still sent, but is made anonymous to discourage players from comparing themselves to others this may be useful for the younger age groups where participation and contribution matter most
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