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    LifeCheck is an easy to use, stylish app that enables users to assess their lives and know where to focus to gain greatest happiness.

    How do you pay attention to your life? How happy are you? What is most important to you? Where should you focus your attention to gain most happiness? What areas are working in your life? What are not? LifeCheck helps you answer these questions.

    Easy, fun and quick to complete, the two stage diagnostic will give you a clear overview of the current status of different areas of your life. The summary wheel guides you where to focus your attention and take action.

    In the style of the Mac Time Machine, the history view allows you to see changes over time.

    LifeCheck is an embedded app so once it is downloaded onto your iPhone or iPodtouch you can access it at anytime to complete a new LifeCheck or to view your previous LifeChecks.

    All comments, feedback and suggestions welcomed.

    09-02-2009 11:55 AM