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    SafetyNet Personal is a safe, Content-filtering web browser designed to work like your iPhone's built in browser, but with the added safety of content filtering. Unlike other iPhone Browsers for the iPhone, SafetyNet qualifies for a 4+ rating.

    Now you can protect yourself, your children or employees from inappropriate, hostile or even malicious websites. With SafetyNet, each web site is checked before you visit, and blocked if it has objectionable content.

    SafetyNet is the only self contained content filtering browser for the iPhone. This means that you not only get blazing fast performance, you also no longer have to choose between safety and privacy. Other solutions report your browsing habits to a central server where they can be recorded. This slows down the process, and introduces a privacy hole. SafetyNet contains its entire database on your iPhone, meaning site lookups are fast, secure and most of all private.

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    Company Website: FortiPhone Inc - Home

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    09-01-2009 09:50 PM