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    Amazing Anime Pairs

    In this game you need to find a similar pictures from famous anime. Also you can see your time and count of mistakes that you made during game.

    Anime list:
    - Bleach
    - Death Note
    - Code Geass
    - Naruto
    - One Piece

    This game will you train your memory. This game is very interesting and useful. In the Amazing Anime Pairs was used more then 100 pictures.

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    Car Pairs

    In the game Car Pairs you need to find 2 similar pictures and faster you will do it the better result you will get. After finding similar images they are disappearing. Clean whole screen. In the bottom of screen you can track your time and mistakes.

    - In the game there is top of best results.
    - This game will help you in your regular life.
    - Only 10 minutes every day and you will see the result.
    - There is more then 40 backgrounds.
    - It is good for you and your kids.
    - Train your memory and be healthy.

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