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    Vexed is a classic Palm game. I remember playing it way back when on my Palm Prism (then my Zire...then my Treo). It is a puzzle/strategy game, with the goal of removing all the various squares from the board. You slide them around (watch out for gravity!) trying to "link up" squares with the same patterns. Careful, because often there is only one correct solution to solve the puzzle.

    Vexed comes with various level packs and multiple levels. You can choose to go in order, or start off right away with the harder ones (for people unfamiliar with the game, start with the easy ones). You have a reset button, if you find yourself unable to solve a puzzle (which will likely happen more than once). I recommend this game for people who like strategy and puzzle games, and want to spend time planning their next move before starting the puzzle. $.99

    08-31-2009 04:16 PM