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    During one of the TiPB live podcasts a few weeks ago, Dieter was displaying his iPhone with a scrolling marquee. I was curious about it, so I downloaded the app Banner to see what it was like. And the app does exactly what it sets out to do.

    If you want to createa scrolling sign on your iPhone, Banner is the app for you. You can choose phrases (and even special characters that you can type in). You can choose variables like speed, color, blink rate. You can even choose special features like mirror mode. If you want a scrolling sign on your iPhone, give Banner a try.

    Banner is $.99, or free for the lite version (without the various features listed above). For $.99, I like the added features that you get, but if all you want is a white LED sign, go with the free version.

    iTunes (paid version)
    08-31-2009 04:12 PM