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    What is a mini review? Sort of like the quick apps or the picks of the week. Simply one or two paragraphs on an app, with a quick description and a quick summary of my thoughts - not the detailed app review that is normally posted.

    Yet another tower defender game, 7 Cities adds a couple of twists to the genre. It uses a hexagonal grid to place towers, rather than the normal square grids that we often see. It also allows you to follow something of a story line - the saga of pirates invading the seven cities of gold. Another key differences in this game is that the towers will increase in skill as they kill enemies. You can also choose different upgrade paths for the towers. This allows you to create specialized towers that serve different functions - even though they may have started out the same!

    This is a fun game to play, and I have enjoyed it quite a bit. I like the scenes and the ability of the towers to upgrade themselves through experience. The tower types are rather interesting, but they offer the same general tower options (fast weak attack, slow powerful attack, area effect, etc). The options for upgrading towers are pretty cool, and make the game more enjoyable.

    If you like tower defense games and want to try one that is a little different, give this one a shot. $2.99.

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    Can you put a iTunes link?
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    Done and done.
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