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    An interesting twist to Word games, Wordulous is a 99 cent App whose essence lies in providing you with endless hours of addicting game play!

    The best anagram based game to hit the App Store; this game will leave you grabbing your iPhone or iPod the minute you have time to spare. And for that matter, when don’t have time to spare and notice that no one’s looking. :P

    Wordulous App Store link: iTunes Store

    Just kick back and enjoy!!
    The objective of the game is to make the maximum numbers of words out of the given set before the time runs out. Perfect to put your word-building prowess to test. Not able to get the hang of the game yet? Just switch to the ‘Practice’ mode. Once you’ve reached the end of a game, all the possible words appear on the screen.

    Declare War of the words!!
    Multiply your word-building fun with the ‘Challenge mode’ that lets you battle it out with your friends on Facebook and phonebook!!

    -Engaging gameplay with 3 exciting modes to choose from: Practice, Examination, Challenge
    -Take the game online using the Facebook connect feature.
    -Invite your phonebook contacts to share the fun with you.
    -35 levels with different rankings will let you know where you stand in class.
    -Detailed tutorial to help you learn how to play the game.
    -Smooth controls to maximize your gaming pleasure.
    -Unlock bonus rounds
    -Choose from 3 different word lists
    -Indulge in relaxed gameplay with the Practice mode
    -Global and Local leader boards with weekly, monthly and all time high scores.
    -Look up meaning of words formed from 3 different sources.

    You can try out Wordulous Lite to get a taste of Wordulous for Free!!!

    Wordulous Lite App Store link: iTunes Store

    08-27-2009 09:24 AM