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    Application Name:- Thank You Free
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    Thank you

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    In the world we live in Thank you is the most used courteous word. By Saying Thank you one can never return the favor; but one can surely add flavor to it. It is indispensable to have that rare knack. You have in your hands an app that helps you create, maintain and grow relations like you never did before..

    Proclaim your gratitude to influence the attitude. Nice attitude results in better terms and better terms have always paid dividends to an individual. This dashing app is rightly meant for every congenial being.

    Opt for your own words. No hassles! Yes we believe in ZERO hassles. Just get your iPod/iPhone in your palm and this app will let you express it. We also have rich collection of thank you quotes to choose from.
    Save and Share your beloved Thank You quotes. No intricate technical knowledge is required to perform these imperatively important functions. Share the iCard on Facebook and thats another way to build stronger bond!

You could associate the memory (Photograph) of the person who did you a favor. Isnt that our subconscious mind always wanted? How about e-mailing the same in REAL TIME?* You dont need to wait for eons to express it. Never kiss hares foot. You can evince it with a gentle click on your iPod/iPhone. You press the SEND button & well do the rest.

Remember this is an entirely environment friendly product. Everyone craves for appreciation and this application has figured out how individual likes to be greeted and shown beholden attitude. Your wife cooked nice dinner for you and here we go! Just use your iPhone to say her Thank You. Itll surely dulcify her..

    We are grateful to many who try and make things merrier for us. Lets say a warm Thank You to each one of them. Thats the way to have more cohesive relationship with everyone we live amongst.
    One can lay your life out in lavender by expressing such powerful and gratifying gratitude.
    Recipients will realize how much your love for them is; with environment friendly vibrant and vivacious greetings.
    You can send greetings 365 days a year, as many times as you feel like.
    Ambient music background that can be customized.
    *Save most pertinent quotes for future reference. Also share them instantly with your buddies on Facebook, without waiting a moment.
    Evince your emotions in the words that have sprung straight from your heart to stay on top of affairs. Customization at its best

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    08-25-2009 06:53 AM