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    It`s a game based on a classic fun brazilian board game named Button Soccer which is played on a table using disks or buttons as players. In the game players must propel the buttons forward to strike the game ball towards the goal and - at the same time - avoid lose balls possession or let it touch other players buttons. You must be able to make your buttons move with accurate direction and strength so it can launch the ball with correct speed and height.

    Mobits Button Soccer allows you to improve those skills with 9 training stages that will teach you from basic moves to high precision plays.

    Challenge your friends in two available game modes: Versus (two in the same iPhone) and Wi-fi (two iphones).

    The game was aproved by Apple this week and is available in the app store for $1,99 and requires firmware 2.2 (or superior). Also compatible with ipod touch!

    Official game video:

    Game official web site:

    08-21-2009 10:56 AM
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    This game has just received a great upgrade with the inclusion of the "one
    player mode". New teams were also added in the game:

    iTunes link: tinyurl.com/mbsoccer
    12-12-2009 10:03 PM