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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Hugues de Vallavieille, and I am the author of a new App, available on the App Store since the beginning of August.
    Do you know how Queen Marie-Antoinette really spent her last hours at the Conciergerie prison in Paris? Well, that's the kind of thing we tell you through a short and original video on "Visit Paris", a new travel application now available on the AppStore.

    It is the first application to let you explore Paris through videos on an iPhone or iPod Touch and make you relive in pictures the building of Notre-Dame cathedral for instance.
    When in Paris, the place before you springs to life, simply and easily. From wherever you are in the world, you can also view the videos in "Visit Paris" using the map or the menu.
    50 videos tell short, amusing, original stories about famous or unusual places, often with archive photos and films (Gaumont-Path, Getty Images...).
    Meet Eiffel before his Tower, learn what's under Sacr-Coeur church and what the Arc de Triomphe means to France, see where the Statue of Liberty was born, and the unknown Louvre...
    The application requires an Internet connection.
    We hope that this overview has roused your curiosity... So please, go now on your AppStore and look for "Visit Paris" application to find more about it and test it!

    Enjoy and let us know your feedback by replying to this message!
    08-21-2009 05:25 AM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    While this certainly looks like a beautiful travel guide, I'm not so sure about $4.99. I could see using it, as I do other videos of France, in my classroom (I teach French in the US), but that would require projecting my iPhone. While not a problem doing that, I am just as well off showing my own photos and videos of Paris rather than spending my own money on my students (something I do far too often anyway), and I'm not sure why a tourist would bother.
    08-21-2009 06:02 AM
  3. Hugues de Vallavieille's Avatar
    Thank you for your answer. You are perfectly right. Tourists doesnt need photos and films to show Paris as it is. And you dont need a photo of the Eiffel Tower when you are in front of it!
    But we are showing Paris as it was.
    Have you already seen the workers building the Tower?
    Have you seen the real face of Gustave Eiffel in video?

    We have worked very hard to produce real stories, scripted as short movies.

    By typing geodio1 on Youtube, you can access to our demo.

    Best regards,
    08-27-2009 01:38 AM
  4. Timaabignee's Avatar
    10-12-2010 04:51 AM