1. Silke's Avatar
    The virtual kitten iKitty has been victim to what probably is the most nasty
    update in the history of the App Store. A new, shocking YouTube video serves
    to document the tortures that this little pet can now be subjected to should
    it fall into the hands of the wrong iPhone / iPod Touch user.

    But cat-lovers as well can also rejoice in iKitty. The cute little kitten
    has become considerably easier to care for and is now always ready to be
    petted and played with. Whoever remembers the*game "Simon"*will have great
    fun with iKittty whilst exercising his gray matter as well.

    iKitty can be adopted in the App Store*iTunes Store. We'd be
    pleased to send you a promotion code for a free download.
    08-20-2009 03:01 PM