1. abishepherd's Avatar
    Hi. I am specifically looking for a good app that will help me manage my debt. I actually only have one loan but it would be good to have an app that allows you to manage more than one.

    I found Loan Tracker (downloaded the Lite version) but it doesn't allow you to input repeat repayments.

    For general money managementment, I WAS using Accounts, but I wanted something a little more visual where you can do more with reports and actually see in a chart how much money you have left for the month/week etc. I found iXpenseIt (downloaded the Lite version which allows you to input 50 transactions which I think is brilliant - I'll be downloading the full version as soon as I've imputted my 50 transactions). This is a much better app and I think I'll be sticking to this one. Just wondered what other people have found to be good.

    08-20-2009 09:27 AM
  2. rkbrown81's Avatar
    I found that PocketMoney works best for my needs. It seemed to be the most comprehensive money tracking app I could find. I don't know how it would work specifically for loan tracking though. It does allow me to keep track of all my accounts. Plus the support and updates are really fast and great.
    08-20-2009 10:41 AM
  3. BENGRIMM's Avatar
    I use Billminder , it is very customizable and easy to use . Plus I belive that it will sync up with other programs and export right to excel formats .
    08-20-2009 10:52 AM
  4. mustangr2's Avatar
    Check out mint
    08-20-2009 11:31 PM
  5. msbaylor's Avatar
    Since you have a loan and all I assume you also manage a monthly budget? iXpenseIt might be a good application to try out. I believe they also have a lite version available. Also as someone mentioned, the mint app is good, however, it offers better tools online than within the actual app.
    08-21-2009 10:35 PM
  6. ctt1wbw's Avatar
    I use MoneyWell on my Macbook, which is a pretty good program. That company is working on an iPhone version soon to come out. Not sure if this is what you're looking for.
    08-22-2009 05:23 AM
  7. TammyWal22's Avatar
    MoneyWell is pretty cool.. I'm using it too..
    08-22-2009 05:59 AM