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    Wednesday, 19 August 2009, 29 Av 5769, 27 Shaban 1430, 21st year of Heisei, 2552 B.E.

    Quadrivium Ltd. announces the release of Khronos for iPhone and iPod Touch.

    Inspired by the medieval astronomical clocks, and the ancient Antikythera mechanism, Khronos is a multicultural timepiece for the modern age.

    Showing dates in the Gregorian, Hebrew and Islamic calendars, and the Buddhist and Japanese Eras, and tracking the position of the sun, moon and major planets round the sky at your current time and location or for chosen times and places, Khronos illustrates the changing relationship between our earthly calendars and the heavenly cycles on which they are based.

    Packed with information, it shows dates of equinoxes and solstices in any of the calendar systems, length of day, phase of the moon and more, all in an attractive graphical presentation. Extensive built-in help explains options to compare calendar systems, change to any year or era, select location by map, GPS or name, even enter dates by dragging the hand around the clock and watch the heavens animate.

    Useful for understanding the relationship between calendars, dates and astronomy, for identifying the brightest objects in the sky, for predicting moon phase or converting between calendar systems for future or historical dates, it is now available from the iTunes Store.

    For further information, contact

    Alan Faichney at afaichney@quadriviumcode.com

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    08-19-2009 05:18 AM