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    Arctic Shuffle 2
    Chill out with puzzle gameplay from the arctic arcade. The pinball penguins you loved from the original version are back! With adorable artwork, original music and addictive gameplay, Arctic Shuffle 2 is flinging good fun.

    Arctic Shuffle 2 features:
    -Challenging new levels
    -More amusing obstacles
    -Enhanced scoring system
    -Improved performance
    -Pause and restart gameplay
    -Original music and iTunes audio option

    Play by aiming your penguin pal at the target. But watch out for obstacles that block, bounce, drown and destroy your precious penguins. Start with ice curling, mix in some mini-golf, try to prevent your penguins from exploding and more!

    Improve your score by completing the levels quickly and use the fewest number of penguins you can. Once youve mastered all 50 levels buy additional level packs as an in-app purchase.

    Want to learn more? See a sample gameplay video and additional screenshots on our developer site. Or try our 10-level free version.

    08-18-2009 11:47 AM