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  1. spoonjuice's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    I would like to introduce you to a new iPhone application launched recently by SpoonJuice, called Fun Booth. Previously we created an equivalent of this application for Mac platform. Huge and very positive response from our users encouraged us to develop a version for the iPhone.

    Fun Booth is capable to explore the funny part of you and share it with your friends. You can take pictures and overlay them with very funny facial props, add-on features and other accessories which will turn otherwise regular-looking portrait into a masterpiece of comedy. Once your creation is made, you can easily share it with the world via E-mail, Twitter and Flickr.

    Download Now and review it : Funbooth
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    08-17-2009 05:49 AM
  2. Sagacity4's Avatar
    Spoonjuice, Do you have any promo codes?
    08-17-2009 09:24 AM
  3. spoonjuice's Avatar
    yes,we can provide promo code,You have any blog/website,where you want to put up your review about application?
    08-18-2009 12:16 AM
  4. clarasainta's Avatar
    Yes,I used this funbooth application,I can explain it one word "Funny",when you download this app,you can explore more creativity with various inbuilt props and share photos through flickr with your dear ones.
    I think more information is given on :Funbooth :: Home

    Check this out,Laugh out Loud
    08-18-2009 02:47 AM
  5. adamsinclair's Avatar
    Hi spoony,

    Nice application you have shared with this Forum.

    Funbooth,I downloaded some days back after good response by this application,people in my circle bought this application too from itunes.

    my recommendation is 9/10..So,download now and enjoy !!!

    Cheers !!!

    08-20-2009 06:05 AM
  6. spoonjuice's Avatar
    Nice people started using and quite impress by this application,so other Forum members,what are you waiting for???...go and try Funbooth.

    Cheers !!!
    08-21-2009 07:34 AM
  7. adamsinclair's Avatar
    Hi,everyone,I hope you should also try and encourage such an interesting funbooth application.

    08-24-2009 08:14 AM
  8. peterporter's Avatar
    Funbooth..a funny iphone application..

    I tried this app and it is really gives you a tool to explore with photos.

    08-26-2009 07:49 AM
  9. harrisw#IM's Avatar
    The best thing abt this app take funny, scary and outrageous videos and photos of yourself by applying props while recording your video with Fun Booth 2 for Mac also.
    08-27-2009 07:26 AM
  10. spoonjuice's Avatar
    Thanks for giving such good review about Funbooth application.

    Looking forward to share more such kind of valuable information

    08-28-2009 06:55 AM
  11. xultar's Avatar
    Ah you guys also do nightstand. It was one of my first purchases. I don't use it anymore but it was a great thought out app. It didn't really hold my interest but depending on what I'm doing I'll reinstall it to my phone to use it.

    Some people have certain things like they collect or purchase lots of Twitter apps, or Clock apps. I'm a clock app and a list app person.

    I'll reread your fun booth app it seems like it is a grownup version of another app. These apps are great in bars and when out to a coworkers birthday.
    08-28-2009 07:20 AM
  12. spoonjuice's Avatar
    Looking forward for more Reviews
    09-02-2009 08:59 AM
  13. spoonjuice's Avatar
    You can download it's Mac version too of Funbooth..and give your comments !!!
    09-07-2009 06:35 AM
  14. spoonjuice's Avatar
    Hey people,

    Check out some Cool Funbooth Videos,Available in both iphone and Mac :

    09-09-2009 07:02 AM
  15. spoonjuice's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    Funbooth Mac version is also available,you can download with same link I posted first
    09-16-2009 01:43 AM
  16. adamsinclair's Avatar
    Check out the Mac version too of Funbooth
    09-18-2009 06:09 AM
  17. spoonjuice's Avatar
    Kindly review Funbooth Mac version.
    09-22-2009 06:37 AM
  18. spoonjuice's Avatar
    Do the review of Funbooth Mac version too
    09-24-2009 08:12 AM
  19. spoonjuice's Avatar
    Can anybody review Funbooth application !!!
    09-30-2009 07:47 AM