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    Bobolinkies are here!!!

    Developer: Mobile Marketing System SLRelease Date: August 07, 2009
    Price: 1.99
    Release date: August 07, 2009

    They have arrived! The adorable Bobolinkies are here! These delightful multicoloured creatures play the lead role in the most addictive game of the decade.

    Once youve tried it, you will not be able to put it down, so get the game everyone is talking about and link these Bobolinkies together according to their species.

    - Two game modes
    - 10 different Bobolinkies species
    - Special items for amazing combos
    - Use both the Multitouch screen and the accelerometer sensor
    - The Bobolinkies interact with your finger!
    - Vibration function
    - Online World Ranking, demonstrate who is the best!!!
    - Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch
    - Multilanguage game, available on: english, spanish, italian, portuguese, french, german and polish.

    These Bobolinkies will interact with your finger; they can get scared, they talk, sing, dance, non stop fun and laughter! Use the special items to achieve amazing combos and the accelerometer sensor to confuse them. Enjoy both the two game modes and the world ranking to show who is the best.

    We have uploaded a video on youtube called Bobolinkies, so you can see them in action, look it up under user Kitmaker

    Promo code contest: Become fan of Bobolinkies in FaceBook! Enter the forum and you will participate in a raffle for promo codes!

    Bobolinkies, fun at your fingertips.
    08-14-2009 02:48 PM