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    I go to present you my last application: ZenTap.
    ZenTap is an advanced text editor for the iPhone.
    If you want to improve your productivity (in terms of time, commodity) writing emails, smses and other texts you'll like ZenTap.
    ZenTap provides an intelligent text prediction system, spell-checking, templates system, etc.
    With auto-completion support the user commits less typos and makes between 2-5 times less taps on the keyboard.
    Zentap also includes four customizable buttons that let you define shortcuts for special characters improving even more your typing experience.


    - Auto-completion
    - Spell-checking
    - 4 customizable key buttons
    - A template system
    - Wide text area (with full screen text view)
    - Direct export of text to mail, sms and safari
    - Possibility to change font size

    iphone spell checker with unique features

    Here you can see video demo:
    Link to itunes: [URL="http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=325697136&mt=8&at=10l3Vy&ct=UUimUv bUpU1508188]Download[/URL]



    General view of ZenTap with toolbar

    Spell checking view

    Autocompletion view, while you are typing, you can see suggestions on the toolbar

    Templates view

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    08-14-2009 11:25 AM
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    I used code 3KYL9E4Y6KFJ will write a review later.
    08-14-2009 11:34 AM
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    Used The R7 code. Review will be provided this weekend. Thank you.
    08-14-2009 11:51 AM
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    I hope you'll like it
    Thank you
    08-14-2009 01:44 PM
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    Hello everybody,

    I have released the second version of ZenTap. And I'm giving away some promocodes.

    What's new:
    - Now you can export your text directly to twitter
    - Added support for spanish (in word prediction, spell checker and interface)
    - Text translation: now you can translate your texts directly in ZenTap (here I used google api)
    - The custom buttons are bigger and can contain more than one character (you can define smiles, short words, etc.)
    - Fixed some typos on interface
    - Some bug fixes (basically on spell checker)

    If you want test the app and all above promocodes get used email me to aram@zenbrains.com and I'll send you a code by email.
    Please, if you can, write some review here or in itunes.

    11-07-2009 11:57 AM
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    I'm trying Y4YYAMP7L6N9. Thanks!
    11-07-2009 02:41 PM
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    I used JT4T6EP4MRT4. Thanks!
    (Someone grabbed XXP3M74HJFJN without replying.)
    11-08-2009 01:29 PM