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    We are very happy to announce that version 1.1 of our latest app, AlarmMusic, has been released on the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch. This app makes use of the developer features of iPhone OS 3.0.

    You can find the app at iTunes Store

    PLEASE NOTE: AlarmMusic must remain open for any alarms to sound. You can set the device to be on standby, but having opened the app first. This is the same for all other alarm apps, due to Apple not allowing third-party apps to run in the background.

    What is special about AlarmMusic? Why should you want it more than any other app?

    *You can set multiple alarms, each as different or as similar as you wish
    *Pre-set how long you want snooze time to be for each alarm (1-60 minutes)
    *Choose on which days you want an alarm to sound
    *You can name each alarm, making it clear which one is which
    *Wait a few seconds on the Alarms section, and view a large and clear digital clock
    *Turn existing alarms on or off without having to delete any alarms you have set
    *Keep up to date with our latest news via the RSS feed integrated within the app
    *Visit our website or email us from directly within the app, via the Info section

    What is so good about version 1.1?

    *Major and minor bug fixes
    *New alarm can now be set without you having to set the time again in edit mode
    *On / off button now stays as set once app is closed
    *Website button now leads to our true website (MicroApps - Products - AlarmMusic)
    *Clearer and easier to use interface when adding new alarm
    *Alarms overview easier to read, including bolder and more legible text
    *Seconds on clock now larger and more visible

    Here is a more general summary of everything AlarmMusic does, along with screenshots:
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