1. alokeprasad's Avatar
    Any opinions on which is better?

    How does one recieve SMS for free with these apps? Will others have to use an email address to send me SMS that don't cost me? I think that's what Textfree does.

    Text+ description and web site doesn't explain it very well.
    08-11-2009 04:47 AM
  2. wgary's Avatar
    Can also try Joopz.com. This gives you a web page on which to send and read SMS. I use this on my laptop. Also works on Iphone.
    08-11-2009 08:35 AM
  3. alokeprasad's Avatar
    My main wish is that others with cell phones be able to send SMS to me easily on the iPhone (and free to me.. they usually have SMS plans!!).
    08-11-2009 09:03 AM
  4. hamsuplo's Avatar
    Both these route your texts through the net, so instead of your number, what shows up is just a bunch if wierd numbers, and your name,people can reply to them and stuff but it just wont be your number

    I tried text+ before they had push notifications and its kinda decent, i really didn't use it long enough to really have much of an opinion, its not bad, just that it has ads which is really not that big of a deal considering.

    Textfree I purchased because ATT charges way too much for text, again i originally bought it before push notifications, and it was perfect. but after the new version, I think I may end up using trying text+ again. A few things about it really irk me, I paid 5 bucks for a damn app that spams me with its products every so often when i start up (not a big deal, just an inconvenience), I can't disable auto rotate (also not a big deal). The big deal is that it takes forever to load, and when it does load it'll crash and bring you back to the springboard every few times, not only that but it feels like it store your texts on its server, just because everytime you open a contact it takes forever as well, I've read sites that say that textfree is the best text app so far, all i know is it frustrates me. I have a jailbroken 3g, so maybe its a jailbreaking issue? i dunno... thats just my opinion, i suggest trying both since text+ is free and there's a lite version of textfree
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    08-11-2009 11:17 AM
  5. alokeprasad's Avatar
    I already bought Textfree and I understand how others can send me SMS (using a username@textfree.us account).

    I figured I could try Text+ as it was free. But they don't explain (even on their web site) how others will send me SMS. How do they?

    If I already have TextFree, should I even bother with Text+? Does it have any capability that textfree does not?

    08-11-2009 06:43 PM
  6. Brickman's Avatar
    Did you see this part of their Website. It might help answer some questions.

    I tried Text+. I did not like it that much but I did not use it that much either. I use SMSTouch. It is free texting (for you not your friends) that works through your email. If you have "push" email", it is great.
    08-11-2009 07:11 PM