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    Hi, my first game "Puzzle Spider" has finally been on iTunes.

    Puzzle Spider is an addictive, fun and simple arcade style puzzle game.
    You rotate a spider in the center of its web by touching the web strands and the spider will spit out colored venom blobs. With quick thinking and strategic planning, you have to match the colored venom blobs by creating links of 3 or more which will be removed from the web. WATCH OUT! For the colored flys that land on the web, swat them by creating a link of the same colored venom, scoring big points.
    Can you survive the web before it fills up with vemom!!!!

    Homepage Link
    Video Link
    08-09-2009 03:14 PM
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    A lite version of Puzzle Spider is now available on iTunes.
    iTunes Store
    09-13-2009 07:19 AM