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    TheCarrot.com has just released a significant upgrade to its iPhone app that offers users more than 30 health, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle trackers.

    Now offering the broadest range of health and lifestyle trackers available on a single iPhone app, TheCarrot.coms 2.0 application provides a more intuitive and enjoyable experience combined with improved functionality.

    How TheCarrot.com iPhone App Works
    The free upgraded app allows busy iPhone users with a real-time, on-the-go solution for tracking daily activities such as food intake, workouts, sleep and sex, as well as the tools needed to better manage health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and asthma. The app goes beyond the basic journaling functionality offered by most other apps; users can also access individual tracker history, add photo entries as well as search for nutritional information, medications, symptoms and more. Plus, once information is entered into various trackers, the user can generate a personalized report that correlates all of the information from the various trackers to identify habits, trends and other cause-and-effect relationships.

    Diet & Exercise Example
    For example, individuals who track their exercise patterns can choose to record the date, time, duration, location, distance and/or perceived exertion with accompanying photos. They can then look at whether workouts are more productive outside vs. in the gym, whether they get a better workout in the morning vs. at night or measure flexibility progress by way of daily photos. They can also correlate their workout data with other tracker data to determine other things that may affect the duration of workouts, such as sleep patterns, calorie intake, medications or even their sex life.

    Health Condition Example
    Individuals who are managing diabetes, for example, can track the date, time, glucose levels, carbohydrates and medicines with accompanying photos. They can then look at common reactions to foods and how it affects blood sugar levels, use it as a tool to better regulate their health through exercise or to have an accurate way to count daily carbohydrates.

    TheCarrot.com users can also share the reports and resulting information with physicians, nutritionists, trainers, coaches and other professionals.

    How to Access the Application
    TheCarrot.com 2.0 app is available for free from Apples App Store at iTunes Store. The app can be used with an iPhone (OS 2.0 or later) and iPod Touch.

    To view the most up-to-date list of health and life management trackers for the iPhone or Web, visit www.TheCarrot.com.
    08-07-2009 06:27 PM