1. IJudgeYou's Avatar
    So I've been searching for a little while, and I can't find any iPhone programs that allow you to record a conversation.

    I recently graduated from law school, and I'm going to be going through bar school very soon. I'm going to be dealing with clients, and maybe even criminals, and a recording app would be very usefull, if not essential.

    That being said, in Canada it is legal to record a conversation that you are a part of without having to inform the other party. I know it is the same in all but a dozen US states.

    Various programs advertise that they can record outgoing calls via a 3rd party (Recorder v.10, SpoofApp...). Now, these programs not only require you to pay for the app, but you are also required to pay for the minutes you record over a third party website. It's essentially something like 13$ for 10 hours.

    Now what I'm really interested in is the iVoice App offered by iXtension (check out their website).

    This app, which has been labled as ''coming soon for almost a year'', allows you to not only to record outgoing calls, but also incoming calls! It saves them as a .mp3 file that you can view at a later date!

    What I can't understand is why no other apps are out there. Not even apps that are only available for jailbroken phones!

    Anyone know anything I dont!? Sh*t, I even considered trying to learn how to make apps to make one that offers these services!

    Hope you guys can help,
    08-06-2009 10:40 AM
  2. Leanna Lofte's Avatar
    No. There isn't anything available in the app store and. Please see this thread.

    08-06-2009 10:52 AM