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    The 3.0 update to BargainBin was approved by Apple today and it's now available in the App Store. It's free.

    You can download it here.

    The 3.0 update adds Watch Lists and Subscriptions - both with Push Notifications.

    Watch List: Add apps youre interested in buying to the Watch List and set the maximum price youd be willing to buy it at. When the app meets the price you set or drops below it, BargainBin will notify you through push notification. No more missing out on great deals.

    Dont have a specific app you want to watch? Thats fine. At the bottom of the Watch List there is a section for Additional Notifications where you can get Subscriptions. You can select Popular apps or if you are really obsessed just select All. If you select all you will get notifications about any and all apps that drop in price.

    Here's our story about it (which says most of the same stuff as above) but there is also a Youtube video of the app in action there.

    Let me know what you think.

    - Ian
    08-06-2009 03:11 AM