1. KingJamesIII's Avatar
    Just released a new arcade/puzzle type game, very much in the style of the lockpicking found in Fallout 3. Lockpick Hero challenges users in the art of lock circumvention. Pick a lock by moving the pick to an appropriate angle and attempt to rotate the lock using the wrench. The tension gauge helps you keep track of pick stress to avoid failing a pick attempt.
    The game also has a really fun achievements system. Trophies can be earned for performance or completing certain tasks. They pop up during gameplay, and are stored on your achievements page.

    - Two touch point play mechanic
    - Tension gauge to monitor pick stress
    - Infinite locks and increasing difficulty
    - Gameplay Stats and Averages
    - Trophy / Achievement system

    Here some screenshots:

    AppStore link:
    iTunes Store

    Hope you check it out.
    08-05-2009 09:12 PM
  2. tspree15's Avatar
    Looks cool! anyone pick this up?
    08-06-2009 06:39 PM